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Thomas Rössler, Ph.D., LL.M.

Your ideas matter – if you use them strategically.

The protection of intellectual property has developed not only into a specialized field, but also into a complex field of activity with international dimensions.

Solving your problems in this complex field and supporting you in the best possible way – this is the mission we at LUXPATENT Intellectual Property have dedicated ourselves to.

Our patent and trademark attorney Dr. Thomas Rössler, LL.M. is your IP specialist and competent contact for an enormously broad spectrum of intellectual property issues. One of Thomas’ special fields in which he excels is the legal protection of software, software/computer solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Also the cooperation with us is not only pleasant, but modern and digital. This allows us to focus on content and especially your goals together with you – the results count, and they speak for themselves.

A small “preliminary checklist” on the status quo of your company:

1. Have you protected your ideas from imitation by your competitors through patents?

2. Have you protected your company name, other company identifiers, important logos, product identifiers and product names by registered trademark rights in the relevant markets?

3. Does your competitor possibly have protective rights such as trademarks (e.g. also 3D trademarks) or patents? Are you in danger of infringing them? Do you regularly monitor this competitor and its activities to minimize your risks and to be able to react quickly?

4. Are you exploiting the potential of your intellectual property rights? If you cannot or do not want to exploit it on your own, do you benefit from an adequate passive income from IP licensing or the like?

5. Do you have employees who “create something new” from time to time? As a rule, these are inventions. Many valuable inventions go unnoticed or remain unprotected because they remain undiscovered or unidentified. Often there is a lack of sovereign employer-side handling of employee inventions.

Do you motivate your employees to invent? In the end, you profit from this, because according to the employee invention legislation in many European countries, the resulting invention, including property rights and their economic exploitation, usually belongs to you. Find individual “win-win” solutions with us: Employees are rarely interested in their own economic exploitation, but rather see an incentive to invent for you in an appropriately fixed remuneration.

Thomas Rössler, Ph.D., LL.M.

International and European Patent, Trade Mark and Design Law
European Patent Attorney (EPO)
European Patent Litigator (Unified Patent Court - UPC Representative)
European Trademark and Design Attorney (EUIPO)
Former European Patent Examiner (EPO)
United States (USPTO) Patent Agent
[currently inactive due to U.S. residency requirement]
LL.M. (Dresden/Seattle, Intellectual Property Law)
Ph.D. (Theoretical High Energy Physics)

Thomas is an internationally active intellectual property and patent attorney, representative and advisor. Originally a physicist by education, he deals with all types of intellectual property issues.

Over the years, Thomas has been managing a plethora of cases, usually in the various technical domains of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as computer-implemented inventions.

In the particular computer/software field, he is a renowned expert regarding the possibilities, but also the pitfalls, in the procurement and defense of computer and software inventions, including simulations, which are currently receiving a great deal of patent law attention in the context of advancing digitalization.

Thomas has contributed to many publications in the scientific, the technical as well as the legal fields.

He is furthermore one of the very few European Patent Attorneys who have themselves worked at the European Patent Office (EPO): His professional experience as a Patent Examiner at the EPO proves to be very useful in his daily patent prosecution work as an attorney. 

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