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Patent protection in your favor

A vast number of inventions that are significant for world history and the further development of society were (or are) protected by patents. Through these patents, the inventors (or nowadays, for example, often their employers) secure the sole economic exploitation right to the invention!

Once granted, a patent has a term of 20 years – only the official annual fees must be paid regularly each year to maintain the protection. The patent is effective against all third parties, all of whom must respect it. You remain fully flexible at all times: You can drop unprofitable patents at any time and thus sort them out of your portfolio in order to save costs and to be able to focus even better on your really profitable property rights.

Exploit the potential of your ideas and inventions by ensuring, together with us, that the use and exploitation of your ideas is exclusively reserved for you.

Apply for a patent – Protect ideas at an early stage – Protect inventions – Product protection – Convince investors – Implement ideas, plan realistically, gain experience – Discover new applications and potentials


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Wer nicht erfindet, verschwindet. Wer nicht patentiert, verliert.

(If you don’t invent, you disappear. If you don’t patent, you lose. By E.O. Häußler, former President of the German Patent Office)

Whether you have made an “invention” in the classical sense or e.g. developed software or artificial intelligence for a technical application, in the vast majority of cases the patent is the technical protection right of your choice. The patent attorney’s preparation of high-quality application documents, which play the decisive role for the value and benefit of the patent, represents the greatest challenge and the most significant task.

Remember that you can only successfully apply for a patent if your invention is new at the time of the patent application. For you this means above all : Keep the core idea of your invention absolutely secret until the officially filed application!

Procedure of a typical patent application at LUXPATENT Intellectual Property:

In only 7 structured steps to a highest-quality patent application!

Step 1


Free initial consultation (usually 10-20 min)

Report your invention or product to us free of charge. You will already receive a first opinion from us on the patentability.

You are also welcome to send us written material such as PowerPoint presentations or hand-made drawings.

The strictly confidential treatment of your information is guaranteed.

Step 2


Sending supplementary invention documents to us

If you have not already done so, please send us your other material on your invention and its context of application, which may be helpful to us in further processing and which we should take into account when preparing the patent application documents.

We will also give you a clear recommendation as to whether we consider a search to be particularly urgent. Since patents are only granted for new inventions, it serves as an additional safeguard for you if we research for you in advance “what already exists”.

In the end, it is always you who decides: we will provide you with a suitable offer for the upcoming patent application or search, depending on which further procedure you decide on.

Step 3


Tailor-made offer

You will receive from us a suitable individual offer for your patent application (if necessary for the search). We estimate the workload realistically and do not “hide” any additional costs.

Step 4


Search (recommended in most cases)

This step is optional for you, although we strongly recommend it in most cases.

We research for you in advance “what is already out there”. This reduces the risks that we will file an invention for you that already exists.

In most cases, however, a comprehensive search serves to improve the application documents of the subsequent patent application.

In other words, by already knowing “what already exists”, we can file your invention with special consideration for this knowledge, and then obtain a particularly strong and valid patent for you.

The search is therefore very instructive with regard to “how” we can apply for patent protection for your invention in the best possible way.

Step 5


We draw up your patent application documents

We will prepare comprehensive application documents for you, based on our discussions, your material and our research.

If desired, we also take care of technical patent drawings by professional technical draftsmen with whom we cooperate.

You have no further burden with details and get a coherent final product from us.

Step 6


Sending you the draft application documents

Before the official submission, we will send you your finished application documents as a draft with a request for approval. If you have any further requests for changes, we will of course be happy to implement them as well. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Step 7


Desired transmission to the Patent Office

Only when you are fully satisfied and approve the application documents for the official patent application, do we make the latter for you. Due to our connection to the numerous official electronic filing systems, the patent application is usually at the Office on the same day. The Office then grants you a filing date. You will immediately receive from us the corresponding documents for the successful official filing.



Step 8


More than just 100% satisfaction

Be more than 100% satisfied with your patent application!

We give everything for your satisfaction and fulfill more than just the expectations of our customers. Try us and let us convince you

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Filing for a patent

A “101” on patent filing strategy


A successful patent strategy must be tailored to your needs, especially when it comes to the successful management of complex and extensive IP portfolios. For a first patent application, it often makes sense to start with a simple national patent application, for example. In doing so, you regularly retain all options for further procedures at a later stage:

Only with the so-called subsequent application, which we file for you after the expiration of one year (the so-called priority period), do you become more specific about the countries for which you actually want to seek protection for your invention.


By strategically selecting the office for the first application with regard to the subsequent subsequent application, we can also achieve significant cost advantages and additional benefits for you.

We will be happy to advise you in more detail on an individual basis and will also help you find the optimal filing strategy for your first patent application.

We protect your invention through thorough but quickly-filed first official application, so that you do not lose valuable time, and then devote ourselves to your long-term strategic success in the markets relevant to you.

Patentable inventions must be new at the time of the patent application. To that end, we recommend

  • a preliminary search in most cases. If your invention “already exists”, this can save you valuable resources. In any case, we can file your invention more skillfully after we have conducted and performed a thorough search.
  • keep your invention secret at least until the day we file the patent application for you, and use written non-disclosure agreements when it is absolutely necessary for you to let third parties in on your invention.

We are also happy to support you with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

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