Protect your designs legally from imitation. 

Only one registration process for the whole EU.

Your ideas matter – if you use them strategically.

With a design registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, you enjoy protection for your design in all member states of the European Union – via a single application procedure. This registered design is also called a Registered Community Design (RCD).

Designs can be enormously diverse – all that is required is a certain minimum level of design creativity. (In particular, the very subjective aesthetic quality does not play a role – as is well known, there is no accounting for taste.)

Advantage through creativity is worth protecting.

Design registration at the European level is enormously attractive and powerful – and therefore a popular way for all companies that sell their products and services in several countries, plan to do so – or simply want to reserve these rights at this stage.

Due to the ongoing globalization of markets, it has already become essential for most companies to enjoy strong design protection beyond the borders of a single country. Often, licensing agreements can also be concluded with third parties for certain countries, who are then allowed to market corresponding products – a lucrative business for the owner of the registered design.

With the official registration of designs, aesthetic creations of form – in the broadest sense – can be protected. The external design of your products is thus reserved for you and you can prohibit others from copying or imitating your designs.


Registered designs are used in a wide variety of product areas. As an example, shapes of tablets and mobile devices are amenable to design protection and are therefore regularly registered.

Design protection can be brought to bear in numerous other areas besides the mere appearance of products: For example, the aesthetic designs of user interfaces, including for example computer software or smartphone applications, can be placed under effective imitation protection.


As a European Trademark and Design Attorney, we are authorized to represent you before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in all trademark and design related matters.

The Registered Community Designs (RCD) of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) are also very modern intellectual property rights that allow the protection of very different products.

Community designs are officially examined by EUIPO and then entered into the EU Design Register.

The strongest solution you can get:

A particularly high scope of protection, stable against circumvention, results from flanking protection of a registered design and a registered EU trademark. Both can be registered at the EUIPO for Europe-wide protection.

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Finally, we would like to introduce our mascot Boris! We did not register Boris as a design because he only exists once in the world.

Boris is proud to be absolutely unique. He has been completely hand-made and he feels very comfortable at LUXPATENT.

Nevertheless, Boris is a good example of possible design protection: If we wanted to produce and sell copies of Boris, his registration as a design would have been an important step for us.

There are plenty of ways to protect your products according to your specific needs.

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